Personal Astrology Reading
George Walker Bush Jr.
6 July 1946 7:26 (GMT-4)
New Haven, Connecticut, USA (41°18'29"N 72°55'43"W)

I. Person, their will, relation to life, reaction to an environment

Your mental and communicative abilities will largely be applied to
personal issues relating to self-awareness and the search for an
intellectual social identity. You have an inquiring, competitive and
intellectual mental disposition, with above-average ability to
express yourself orally and in writing. Many intellectual avenues will be
explored through an innate drive for knowledge and new personal
experiences that stimulate the growth of mind and personality. Your
mental qualities are ideally suited to academic and scientific work.

* Mercury Conjunct Pluto ( 0.7°)
Mercury conjunct Pluto confers mental strength, will-power and a penetrating, incisive mind capable of seeing behind appearances - you have a strong desire to see the truth in all things and all situations. This aspect usually conditions the mind to make changes without undue distress, and to throw off restrictions easily. You may become involved in secret, or investigative work for the government. There will also be a drive to delve into the deeper subjects of metaphysics, science or the occult arts. You are able to wield power and influence through speaking or writing.

* Mercury Conjunct Ascendant ( 2.7°)
Mercury conjunct the Ascendant confers a clear, intellectual and logical mind - the mentality will be strongly emphasised according to the rising sign, however there is likely to be an interest in all things educational. There is the urge to have personal contact with other people and you derive great pleasure from idle chat.

* Mercury Sextile Neptune ( 56.1°)
A Mercury-Neptune influence is favourable for your mind, rendering you very susceptible to the charms of music, poetry, culture and all elevating emotions, and adding a somewhat mystical colouring to your mental make-up. Romantic experiences that come into your life will have a very great influence upon your mind. Generally this placement adds imaginative, idealistic, intuitive and psychic qualities to your mental disposition. Your capacity for creative fantasy enables you to produce works of poetry, fiction, writing, etc. Your mental sympathies will be broad, and you will make many friends in the world, especially among those who have mystical or devotional leanings. There may be a longing for spiritual understanding: You have the ability to develop mediumistic and psychic qualities - clairvoyance, psychometry and inspirational speaking. Creative stimulation often comes through visions or prophetic dreams.

* Mercury Square Fortuna ( 90.2°)
Adverse mental attitudes that need to be objectified and overcome may relate to one's happiness thwarted by an inhibition to communicate effectively, thus causing mental problems.

With Venus in the First House the areas of life where you are most likely
to express your social, romantic and artistic qualities are through your
own self, by presenting an elegant, graceful, magnetic, happy, socially
outgoing, attractive personality, with much joy for living. This placing
of Venus indicates an impulsive, passionate in love, extrovert, bold and
romantic nature. There is a need for constant variety in both your
romantic and social lives. You make friends easily and are fond of love
and admiration. Artistic self-expression is important, possibly through
music, clothing or writing.

* Venus Sextile Jupiter ( 56.6°)
The Venus-Jupiter aspect is a good indication of fortunate events, love and marriage, social success, gain and general good fortune. It is generally associated with wealth and culture, and the handling of considerable money or other valuable assets. Your high motives, ambitions and aspirations are likely to bring social and general popularity, preferment, esteem and respect. You will gain by travel under this aspect and your love affairs will tend to run smoothly - your marriage should be happy and prosperous. As life progresses your nature becomes generous, kind, thoughtful, amiable, loving, sociable, hospitable, philanthropic, liberal, talented, good-humoured and optimistic - fond of pleasure and elegant, graceful and costly surroundings.

* Venus Sextile Uranus ( 62.3°)
Venus and Uranus in aspect endows you with an alluring exotic charm and a love of unusual pastimes. It denotes broad scope of mind and originality of thought with an interesting, surprising or unique logic and manner of reasoning. It is an indication of general success and gain through fraternal societies, foreign travel, learning, law, higher science, philosophy, publishing, religious or educational movements, research, exploration, invention, speculation or political office. In the course of time your nature becomes refined, just, sociable, intuitive, humanitarian and progressive. In social life you are likely to be very popular - you are romantic, witty, vivacious, entertaining, spontaneous and exciting with a sparkling emotional outlook.

* Venus Sextile Node ( 60.9°)
A Venus - North Node influence brings general good fortune in your social and domestic affairs - it suggests artistic friends and many happy romantic encounters.

* Venus Trine Midheaven (117.3°)
Venus aspect the Midheaven is fortunate for professional, domestic and social interests. It suggests luck and general good fortune in life - you are likely to gain help and favours from superiors, influential people and those in power.

With Pluto in the First House opportunities for transforming or
regenerating yourself may come through a personal need to understand the
metaphysical processes associated with the mystery of life, death and
rebirth - precipitated by periods of self-doubt and identity crisis
(transits). During these periods you will experience powerful
subconscious drives that are beyond your personal ability to control -
these can act for good or bad depending upon other factors in your
personality. Your drive for personal power is strong and if not
controlled, may manifests in devious or underhanded ways. Others may view
you as mysterious, secretive and something of a loner. Beware of forming
associations with persons of a tough, mean, violent or low nature.
Psychological health depends on a clear-cut philosophy for living a full
and independent existence.

* Pluto Conjunct Ascendant ( 3.5°)
With Pluto conjunct the Ascendant you will be forced at times to focus consciousness on higher dimensions of being, a powerful fascinating, magnetic personality with the authority to dominate others. You may also be a little ruthless, dictatorial and autocratic at times.

* Pluto Square Fortuna ( 89.5°)
Problems are experienced through outside influences and disruptive events beyond one's own power to control.

II. Money, material means, earnings, expenditure, energy

With Mars in the Second House you are likely to exert your energy and
initiative into business enterprises or other financial dealings in an
active search for personal wealth. Capital is acquired through careful
investment, sheer hard work and clever financial dealing. Strong-willed,
determined and resourceful you enjoy a challenge and thrive on
opposition. You may become a financial genius, or a mere spendthrift.

* Mars Sextile Fortuna ( 60.7°)
You experience the need for energy, activity and achievement. You find great pleasure realising your desires through resolute, constructive action - or, by showing your prowess in physical activities such as lovemaking, sports, competitive games or outside pursuits.

III. Thinking, communicating, processing and transfer of information, study, short trips

With the Moon in the Third House your feeling, instinctive nature will
find expression through social intercourse, daily mental diversions and
general conversation. Your speech and thought are heavily influenced by
feelings and moods. At times others may view you as changeable,
indecisive and a bit of a dreamer. Your day-to-day response to
circumstance is strongly conditioned by environmental factors, especially
social and domestic discussions. There is also a love of travelling and a
desire for constant change.

* Moon Conjunct Jupiter ( 1.4°)
The Moon conjunct the benefic planet Jupiter will make your life fortunate, peaceful and successful - whatever difficulties you may have to contend with in life, you will eventually resolve. You will obtain much personal success in life - persons born under this conjunction generally gravitate to good circumstances and surroundings, all of which go to make life progressive and favourable. Emotionally reliable, generous, sympathetic, honest and trustworthy, you attract and gain - through powerful friends - prosperity and success in every direction. You have strong ideals of social betterment and may spend a lot of your time helping the less fortunate, perhaps through religious or educational outlets.

* Moon Sextile Venus ( 55.2°)
The Moon-Venus contact promises you a fortunate journey through life with many opportunities for success. You are refined and artistic, possess good taste, and a keen appreciation of all that is good and beautiful. There is liking for music and all things artistic including light literature, drama, public functions and other forms of wholesome pleasure and amusement. Your emotionally relaxed, refined, cultured and elegant manner will attract those who will bring happiness and social success into your life. You will never be short of friends or partners of the opposite sex, nor will you ever suffer poverty.

* Moon Trine Uranus (117.6°)
A Moon-Uranus contact gives you a vivacious, unconventional, energetic and original outlook on life, with a dislike of restrictions. You are original in all your ideas and have a liking for scientific, metaphysical, philosophical and occult subjects - especially astrology and related subjects. You are active, firm, enterprising and scientific, fond of friendship and the opposite sex. The aspect tends to stimulate the imagination and quicken thought and intuition. This leads the mind into original lines and gives interest in new methods, inventions, curiosities, etc. You will eventually break away from all convention as your higher mind begins to awake - able to cast off the fetters that bind and strike out new paths for yourself. You have a character that is in many respects unique and you should achieve much with your life - perhaps thorough unusual accomplishments or through original, inventive and progressive people. You may display psychic, healing or telepathic abilities.

* Moon Trine Node (116.1°)
This Moon-North Node aspect gives an ease of contact with women and emotional, but happy relationships.

* Moon Opposition Midheaven (172.5°)
Emotional difficulties that need to be objectified and overcome may be experienced through forever changing career objectives, social difficulties regarding your attitude to females or female colleagues, indecisiveness and a sentimental approach to business matters - thus creating emotional situations that may adversely affect your professional and home life.

With Jupiter in the Third House you will find luck, ease of working and
general good fortune coming through your expansive, optimistic,
philosophical, refined, cheerful, sympathetic and well-educated mind.
Benefits may come to you through education, literature, publishing,
travelling and brethren. Your wide range of mental interests will attract
many friends who help to broaden your scope of knowledge, leading you
into new and unusual subjects. Success is achieved by communicating such
knowledge to others - writing, teaching and lecturing.

* Jupiter Trine Uranus (119.0°)
A Jupiter-Uranus contact is a very fortunate influence and in a general sense will bring you sudden and unexpected gains. Its tendency is toward originality of thought and independent, original enterprise. It is an indication of benefit through legacy and general success: unexpected good fortune also comes through an ability to turn opportunities to advantage. A free spirit with a dislike of restrictions you tend to rebel against what is considered conventional and orthodox. Your nature is refined by this influence and sociable, intuitive, humanitarian and progressive qualities are blended into you personality.

* Jupiter Trine Node (117.6°)
A Jupiter-North Node contact will bring you luck and general good fortune in your social life. A sense of tact and adaptability enables you to get on well with most people. A happy marriage is indicated and success may come through advantageous relationships, good connections, and the aid of superior people.

* Jupiter Opposition Midheaven (173.9°)
Social problems that need to be recognised and overcome may result from a desire to be important, misplaced self-confidence and anti-social conduct.

Neptune in the Third House may indicate that your imaginative and
spiritual potential manifests through an intuitive ability of the mind
that is able to tune in to other realms of reality for inspiration,
Through sound psychological faculties, spiritual perception and a
fruitful, inventive mind. You are given to the investigation of spiritual
phenomena and matters pertaining to metaphysics, the occult or the
mysterious. Some weird experiences can be expected, perhaps while
travelling or in the form of hallucinations or morbid fancies. You
appreciate those forms of art and literature that provide an exalted
order of inspiration, feelings and intuition.

* Neptune Sextile Pluto ( 55.4°)
Neptune-Pluto in aspect indicates an intense soul-life with the possibility of profound spiritual experiences. You have a need to understand the workings of the soul and may become involved in parapsychological investigations - great mystical realisations may be achieved.

* Neptune Sextile Ascendant ( 58.8°)
Neptune contacting your Ascendant softens your nature and confers sensitivity, imaginations and compassion. You are creative, intuitive and inspired - there may be innate psychic or mystical gifts and these can manifest in some form of artistic talent.

IV. House, environment, external and internal conditions, parents


The feeling for home and roots will be strong. Happiness will come
through building an emotional foundation strong enough to support future
growth. This position gives the possibility of finding fulfilment in a
broader way through identification with a social, professional or
national whole.

XI. Collective self-expression, friends, hopes, prospects

With an Eleventh House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom
of expression through an involvement in unusual and original social,
political or cultural groups dedicated to social reform or revolution.
Dynamic, stimulating friendships transform your ideas and ideals. Your
friends may be regarded as peculiar, unusual or extraordinary in some way
- geniuses, inventors, writers, New Age promoters, occultists, government
executives, etc. There may be sudden and unexpected benefits from such
friends enabling you to progress towards your personal hopes and wishes.
Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your
life related to the above issues.

* Uranus Conjunct Node ( 1.4°)
There is a desire to search out change and variety within your family and social environment. You possess a lively, exciting and active disposition. However, when living together with others you can have a disquieting and upsetting effect.

There is a need to develop a sense of social purpose through friendship,
groups and clubs. Selfishness, vanity, self-pride, and sexual
adventurism are to be slowly outgrown. A basically good person your
interests should broaden to include more stimulating group concerns.
Creative talents should be used for the benefit of others. There is a
marked ability for dealing with children that should be developed.

* Node Sextile Midheaven ( 56.4°)
North Node in aspect to the Midheaven bring the desire to associate with those who share the same ideas and social aspirations as yourself. Relationships are all-important and you are likely to be popular and successful - you tend to bring the personal touch into all your business and social affairs.

XII. Unconscious emotional reactions, disengagement from everyday life, solitude

With the Sun in the Twelfth House your energy will mainly be applied to
personal and private affairs. This may give you a shy, reserved,
introspective disposition. There is a tendency to seek a secluded,
peaceful, quiet life-style. The real drive is one of coming to terms with
the subconscious mind and achieving mental and emotional well-being.
Subjects such as mysticism, psychic research and depth psychology will
appeal. A desire for useful service to the community may be fulfilled
through work in hospitals, churches or institutions of leaning,
professions such as psychology, art and literature are other
possibilities. At some stage of your life you may have to overcome some
form of physiological, social, or psychological crisis.

* Sun Sextile Mars ( 55.5°)
This Sun - Mars aspect indicates a vital, courageous, active, ambitious, decisive and energetic personality - with a great capacity for leadership. Very competitive, you are likely to be good at sports or other physical activities, and able to function at high energy levels for prolonged periods of time. You especially enjoy challenges that test physical strength and stamina to the limit. You have the ability to perform even the most difficult of tasks in an enthusiastic and constructive way. Your sense of honour, integrity and fair play ensures social popularity and success.

* Sun Square Moon ( 92.9°)
Personality difficulties that need to be acknowledged and overcome may concern a stressed situation between conscious aims and desires, and subconscious instincts and feelings. Inner conflicts will manifest as discontent and general disharmony - there is often a struggle between one s duty and personal interests. There may be difficulties with superiors, trouble finding and keeping employment, and general disappointments in social and romantic affairs. Notwithstanding, an opportunity is given with this aspect to achieve complete psychological integration - but not without difficulty and effort.

* Sun Square Jupiter ( 94.4°)
Personality difficulties that need to be acknowledged and overcome may concern a tendency to over-expand in some areas of life - this threatens business and financial loss through investments, speculations, loans, errors, miscalculations, etc. A pretentious, over-confident, arrogant, over-ambitious attitude may create difficulties in your professional and social affairs. Over-indulgence is another danger that could eventually affect the health - self-control and moderation in all things is the lesson to be learnt.

* Sun Trine Fortuna (116.3°)
The Sun - Fortuna contact suggest that your hopes and wishes are realised through the display of vitality and will-power in some form of creative self-expression. Help may come from your father, authority figures or those in power.

A Twelfth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of
responsibility in the world relates in some way to work in seclusion, or
for the care or education of others - perhaps in social work, hospitals,
prisons, universities, religion or the arts. Your nature is acquisitive,
reserved and inclined to solitude, with a desire to work unpretentiously,
unobserved, and live peacefully or alone. With this placing of Saturn you
may experience negative inner pressures related to subconscious
insecurity, secret sorrows, fear, loneliness and disappointment. You may
at some stage suffer false accusations by secret enemies.

* Saturn Square Midheaven ( 92.3°)
Problems that should be objectified and overcome may manifest as a cold, unsympathetic, negative and overly-serious attitude toward others that could lead to professional, legal, social and domestic difficulties.

Anatoly Zaytsev